Health and Fitness Boot Camp in Louisville, Kentucky

502 Boot Camp - health and fitness bootcamp in Louisville, Kentucky

502 Bootcamp is a health and fitness boot camp program focused on functional bodyweight movements with an emphasis on FUN. This is an enlightened approach to exercise and is great for ALL ages and fitness levels!

We will focus on learning new skills, with an emphasis on technique and quality movement. 502 Bootcamp will incorporate strength training with blasts of cardio and HIIT (high intensity interval training) designed to help you lose fat, burn calories, and tone up!

Target fat loss, improve your basic strength, conditioning, and flexibility

These are lower impact, interval-style, yet challenging workout sessions. 502 Bootcamp is an accessible and inclusive small-group training option. Our experienced coaches will work with you to modify the workouts to suit your unique goals and abilities. Our coaches are committed to your success.